Customized eco-friendly bags

There’s a host of advantages to our range of eco-friendly bags. They will quickly win you over. They are versatile and multi-purpose. They can be used every day for shopping, groceries, playing sport, heading to the beach , away for the weekend , or even going travelling. The selected bags are made of 100% organic cotton  (or conventional) cotton or 100% recycled PET .  Everything is custom-printed in-house in La Rochelle, starting at orders for 20 units. Delivery time:... More

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Pochon jute A9928

Indicated price : €1.34 HT

Pochon coton W1997
Sac shopping en coton bio A8973
Sac cordelette fibre de bambou et coton A9649
Sac à dos 100% coton A8974
Totebag coton/jute A9518
Sac shopping pliable A9638
Totebag jute A7264
Sac à dos coton/jute K2919
Sac shopping Juco TT0229
Sac cordelette liège A9515
Sac shopping jute TP5109
Sac de voyage pliable W1879
Sac de plage A9897
Sac réversible jute W2015
Glacière Jute B6816

Indicated price : €8.10 HT

Sac isotherme B6849

Indicated price : €10.88 HT

Sac isotherme éco W1743