Customized eco-friendly pens

These days most companies supply own-branded pens at trade fairs and conferences. For a pen is easy to distribute and can be used in all situations! We have continued to respond to current demand by offering a selection of pens designed with sustainability in mind. From tea tree timber to bamboo , not forgetting cardboard and recycled PET , we offer a wide choice to try to cater to all of your requests. Everything is custom-printed in-house in La Rochelle, starting at... More

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Stylo B3564
Stylo A9830
Stylo paille de blé K1203
Stylo bille paille de blé A9480
Stylo bille K1219
Stylo bambou K1378
Stylo à bille bambou K1013
Stylo à bille bambou K1012
Set écriture K1932
Stylo à bille K1335

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