Promotional shopping bags

Our customizable tote bags and promotional shopping bags Check out our range of customizable tote bags and promotional shopping bags for an effective promotional merchandise campaign! An essential, practical and stylish accessory to take everywhere with you. Whether you’re a small souvenir shop, an interior design store, an association, a communications or events agency or a works council, customized tote bags are promotional goodies that your customers will love! Only need small... More

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Pochon en coton A9731
Pochon jute A9928

Indicated price : €1.08 HT

Pochon coton W1997
Pochon coton Y6061
Sac papier K2893
Sac coton 180g/m² F332
Sac shopping non-tissé K2916
Sac non-tissé K2905
Totebag fibre de bambou et coton A9648
Sac shopping en coton bio A8973
Totebag coton/jute A9518
Totebag jute A7264