Promotional cooler bags

Our customized cooler bags Our cooler bags come in a wide variety of formats: cooler backpack, lunch or picnic cool bag for several uses: keeping your meal warm or cold, carrying a picnic, etc. The promotional cooler bag then becomes a real ally in your promotional merchandise strategy! A promotional cooler bag for your picnics in the summer What could be nicer than enjoying a meal at the right temperature after an outdoor activity? Promotional cooler bags are a must-have accessory for... More

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Housse isotherme bouteille L3895
Sac isotherme non tissé F085
Sac isotherme L3896
Sac isotherme L5225
Glacière Jute B6816

Indicated price : €8.10 HT

Sac à dos isotherme L1239
Sac isotherme L3836
Sac isotherme N1167
Sac isotherme K8414
Sac isotherme A114
Sac isotherme K8417
Sac isotherme B6849

Indicated price : €10.88 HT

Sac isotherme éco W1743
Sac-repas isotherme F432