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Our promotional phone cases and neck wallets Are you looking for a small shoulder bag like a handbag or small satchel? Or a waterproof case for your phone? You’ll find what you need in this section. Whatever your budget, you’ll find a promotional shoulder bag to suit your needs: non-woven for tighter budgets, cotton with a varying number of compartments, or more upmarket with padding. We also provide waterproof cases for smartphones. Perfect for aquatic activities and always... More

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Pochette tour de cou intissé B4521
Pochon en coton A9731
Sac tour de cou B9675
Filet à provisions A9865

Indicated price : €2.38 HT

Sac bandoulière K2547
Étui étanche tablette F8200
Pochette étanche P738
Sacoche tour de cou B8547
Sac bandoulière K2522

Indicated price : €2.79 HT

Sacoche ceinture Y6081
Sac bandoulière TT0301
Sac bandoulière vintage N4560
Sac de ville Y6074
Petite sacoche F192
Sac à bandoulière K2284
Sac bandoulière Y5002