Promotional conference folders

Our customizable conference folders A conference folder is a promotional item much appreciated by your customers and/or teams on a daily basis thanks to its print area and practicality. It can come complete with a  notebook , a pen , a calculator and several pockets and slots. You can then customize it with your own brand identity by asking us to print on it your logo, your contact details or the dates of the event you are organizing, for example. Communications agencies, events... More

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Porte-documents A4 K3463
Conférencier en carton recyclé B3639
Mini conférencier B4237
Porte-bloc notes à pince L4143
Conférencier simili cuir B4319
Conférencier A4 K2049
Conférencier A4 N3215
Conférencier A5 liège L5644
Conférencier avec calculatrice L7354
Conférencier A5 K2066
Conférencier promotionnel K2040
Conférencier A4 en liège K2069

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