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Promotional document cases and briefcases See our range of customizable promotional document cases and briefcases for an effective promotional merchandise strategy! In PVC, kraft, fabric, with or without a shoulder strap, the promotional document case is an ideal promotional item for conferences, trade fairs or business meetings. It is perfect for putting your sales brochures in, for example. Customizable, the promotional briefcase has a large print area which gives you excellent... More

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Porte-documents K2357
Serviette non tissé L2791
Porte documents non tissé F802
Porte-documents D264

Indicated price : €2.30 HT

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Serviette F434
Porte-documents N4556
Porte-documents N4514
Serviette L0766
Sac de conférence F495
Porte-documents K2236

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Porte-documents P159
Porte-documents K2292
Porte-documents P33
Sacoche P35

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