Promotional key rings

Our customized key rings Looking for a practical and inexpensive promotional item ? The customizable key ring is the perfect choice for effective, inexpensive promotional goodies. Key rings for holding your shopping trolley token, in an aeroplane or boat shape for example, resin domed, made out of wood, metal, leather or cork, with embroidered labels: everything is possible, just ask us. In this category you’ll find a selection of promotional key rings. We can cater to all your... More

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Porte-clés avec monnaie K5018
Porte-clés transparent K3063
Porte-clés multifonction K5049
Porte-clés rond en bois L3313
Porte-clés rectangulaire en bois L3312
Porte-clés étiquette brodée A012
Porte-clés avion N7833
Porte-clés bateau N7845
Porte-clés voiture L2911

Indicated price : €1.92 HT

Porte-clés liège A6161

Indicated price : €1.88 HT

Porte-clés à boucle extensible F2104
Porte-clés métal L3407
Porte-clés en liège K3145
Porte-clés bambou A9888