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All your customized travel essentials Coach, tour or cruise operators, travel agencies and tourism professionals: here you’ll find all the promotional goodies for making travelling easier and ensuring the comfort of your customers during their travels. Drawing on over 25 years’ experience working with tourism professionals, we have hand-picked a whole range of promotional merchandise for travel  and leisure: sleep masks, inflatable headrests, inflatable travel pillows, travel... More

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Kit de Voyage - hygiène et protection M-COV

Indicated price : €7.00 HT

Bouchons d'oreilles A9501
Bouchons d'oreilles N6008
Set de voyage B4998
Masque de nuit F379
Masque de nuit N3001
Masque de sommeil AB03
Set de voyage B4171
Kit de voyage N7005
Ensemble de voyage K8197
Coussin de voyage AB01
Coussin de voyage X162
Chaussettes AS01
Chaussons de voyage AB02
Pochette fourre-tout B4876
Kit de voyage F9759

Indicated price : €3.00 HT

Nécessaire voyage F757
Crochet avec mousqueton K3200

Indicated price : €0.52 HT

Balance pèse-bagages N6601