Our customizable umbrellas and rain ponchos An excellent means of communication thanks to its large print area, the promotional umbrella is an effective way to communicate while staying dry. There are a range of options: folding, straight handle, crook handle, golf shape, bamboo or plastic handle, automatic or manual, whatever your needs and your budget, we’ll find the model that suits you. You’ll be sure to delight your recipients with this universal gift. In addition, for... More

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Imperméable A5101
Parapluie 100% personnalisé N8000
Mini parapluie F052
Parapluie golf manuel W1560
Parapluie enfant K9133
Parapluie 23" PET recyclé F9400
Parapluie tempête F087
Parapluie golf automatique N4180
Parapluie tempête automatique N1250
Parapluie inversé K9146
Parapluie W1204
Parapluie en liège K9141

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