VIP customized luggage tags

Our VIP promotional luggage tags Here, you’ll find our range of customizable promotional luggage tags for your customers during trips away or prestigious events: all our bestsellers and new releases in terms of originally shaped luggage identifiers - smiley, train, plane, boat luggage tags - in high-quality materials: PVC, cardstock, soft touch, aluminium, imitation leather, leather, etc. For a complete luxury gift package for your customers, check out our customizable VIP travel... More

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Identificateur bagages K8124
Étiquette voyage VIP P54
Étiquette pour valise A1004
Étiquette à bagages A9508
Étiquette bagage Aluminium F443
Etiquette Bagage en liège IN02

Indicated price : €2.45 HT

Soon available
Étiquette à bagage 2D en PVC
Étiquette à bagages Liège BO2

Indicated price : €2.62 HT

Etiquette bagage en bambou DN01

Indicated price : €3.70 HT

Étiquette bagage simili cuir RL1990
Étiquette bagages voyage RL0936
Set de voyage N7070
Étiquette bagage simili cuir RL1310