Customized toiletry bag and pill cases for travelling See our range of customized toiletry bags, pill cases or any other customizable health & beauty items for an effective and responsible promotional merchandise campaign! For outings or weekends away, or as everyday promotional goodies for your customers, we have a whole range of dedicated health & beauty promotional items available at low prices: - Prescription wallets, accessories for chemists, vets, opticians or any other... More

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Clé hygiène F253
Miroir de poche L2819
Étoile de massage N2351
Masseur tête B3996
Nécéssaire PVC B5064
Masque réutilisable K8908
Trousse maquillage B9147
Miroir liège A9799
Chaufferette L2351
Chaufferette N9006