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Business gifts - Office & stationery A special selection just for you! Find our selection of promotional items for your office. Promotional goodies  specially chosen for your customers. Customized  business gifts  become fully-fledged marketing tools that will give you brand exposure. What could be better than an engraved card holder or a metal pen branded with your logo? A fantastic business gift that your customers will love! Do you have key accounts or customers you would like to... More

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Peluche nettoyeur d'écran Y0772
Porte-clés rond en bois L3313
Porte-clés rectangulaire en bois L3312
Porte-clés métal L3407
Tapis de souris F0528

Indicated price : €3.14 HT

Porte-cartes de visite K3308
Coffret porte-cartes de visite et porte-clés K3314
Calculatrice W1564
Stylo à bille K1156
Parure stylos bois L4429
Parure stylo à bille et roller K1833
Coffret stylo et clé USB L6669
Stylo à bille Jotter F6475
Stylo à bille liège K1401
Coffret stylo K1147
Ensemble d'écriture L7441
Parure stylos F110
Coffret bloc-notes + stylo B5041
Coffret stylo à bille et bloc-notes K3714