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Is summer just around the corner? Multidiffusion’s promotional hats and caps are just what you need! Summer sports events, festivals, business seminars or other social gatherings are often held outdoors and a promotional hat or cap are perfect promotional goodies for showcasing your brand. We also have a whole range of promotional tumblers to pair with them to create a memorable bespoke experience for your customers. Is it getting a bit chilly outside? Promotional beanie hats are the... More

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Chapeau B3575
Chapeau B8549
Chapeau VITA B8086
Chapeau B8085

Indicated price : €1.62 HT

Chapeau en paille B4930
Chapeau B5912
Chapeau de paille B9195
Chapeau K9409
Chapeau W1889
Chapeau Panama W1401
Bonnet en quadri A5004
Casquette 100% coton K9410
Casquette K9568
Casquette N1600
Casquette L3016
Casquette 100% coton brossé K9412
Casquette F012

Indicated price : €1.98 HT

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